What were we thinking?

So many times I’ve been asked what were we thinking when we bought a vineyard.  Did we know how much work it was?  Do you know how to make a small fortune in winemaking? (Answer: start with a large one) Do you know how to DO this? The answers to all of these will reveal themselves over time as we dig in.  We know the house needs updating, the vineyard needs replanting, the infrastructure (electrical, irrigation, septic, well water) needs updating.  We are up for the challenges ahead and have no idea what they mean.  We just know we love this special place.

these faces explain why we bought this vineyard and home

these faces on our boys says it all

peeking into our future

peeking into our future

grapes we will harvest for Cakebread Cellars

L1010050_1024 L1010049_1024


a man surveying his land



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