Beekeeping and making honey

In March 2016 we started our two colonies of bees for making honey  Approximately 10,000 bees will make around 5 gallons of honey a year.  What is involved? Good news-not much on my part!  I was official photographer when Degge Hayes installed the hives on site.  Degge helps us with our fruit trees on site and provides oversight for our culinary garden.  I even got my own bee mask and gloves.  Bees won’t mistake you for a bear if you’re wearing light colored clothes, so I was bummed to hear I didn’t need to don the full jumpsuit!

I had previously helped Danielle LoRusso, our culinary gardener, select the plants that would make up our bee insectary around a year ago.  Now we are a full fledged honey making operation! Not that it is a lot of work…you check the hives once a month to monitor whether they are building enough honeycomb.  If not, you can cheat with some sugar water at the bottom of the hive so the lazy bees don’t have to fly too far to make more honeycomb.

We will see some production this August but likely a small amount.  I think we are shooting for five gallons by August 2017 and then every year thereafter.  Nothing better than a Model Bakery english muffin (if you’ve stayed here, you’ve had one!) smothered with some fresh honey.  Can’t wait!

reds left over-best doggie bag ever!

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